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Ride Hotline 817-459-8867

RUN = 1 - 5 hours

RIDE = 5 hours or more/all day

OVERNIGHTER = Overnight stay(s) at a destination

Fort Worth H.O.G. Calendar of Events

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These GPX files can be downloaded onto a USB drive and copied to your Harley's navigation system in a few short steps!

  1. Download the zipped GPX file package below.'s SAFE!!
  2. Unzip the contents (extract) and copy onto a USB thumb drive.
  3. Insert the drive into your bike's infotainment system.
  4. Import the ride(s) you wish to load.
  5. The rides are saved to your bike's nav system! There's several YouTube videos out there that can offer video demonstrations of how to do this as well.

Del Norte Tacos (zip)


Freeze Yer Bunz 2020 (zip)


Revvin' For the Ribbon Poker Run (zip)


New York Hill Ride (zip)


Pre-Chapter Meeting Ride (Sept. 7) (zip)


Beat the Heat (zip)


James' Ride - Muir Road Option (zip)


Malt Shop Meander (zip)


Got an idea for a ride??

Remember, this is YOUR Chapter and we value your input and suggestions. Do you have an idea for a ride or overnight trip? Have a great place you love to eat? Or do you just know some cool, off the beaten track place to hang out? Let the Activities Officer know! 

Fort Worth H.O.G. Activities Officer