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Fort Worth HOG Road Captains

 Fort  Worth H.O.G. is the best in the west for many reasons, and one of those is the leadership provided by the Road Captains.

These men and women are in charge of the safety and "smooth sailing" of the various rides we do together as a Chapter. They are some of the best and safest riders you will get to know and they love nothing better than to share that knowledge and experience with Chapter members.

You will see them - and their gold and white braids - walking around and talking with everyone, not just Members. 

Interested in becoming a Road Captain? Talk to Jimmie and ask about the Road Captain Training Program.

Your Road Captains at work...and practice.

Riding is a "perishable skill" and if you don't keep up with it, you will lose it. The Road Captains constantly push themselves, striving to be the best, safest riders they can be...for themselves as well as for the Chapter. 

This includes a lot of "seat time" that includes running their bikes through patterns and working on their skills. Click HERE to see some of the past practices and competitions your Road Captains have participated in.